Discovery prospects of top squark at the ATLAS Experiment in HL-LHC.

De Santis F.
  Lunedì 12/09   14:00 - 19:00   Aula B - Maria Goeppert-Mayer   I - Fisica nucleare e subnucleare   Presentazione
The direct production of top squark pairs is one of the processes predicted by supersymmetry at LHC. One of the channels to search for this process targets the top squark decay in final states with two opposite-charge leptons (electrons or muons), jets and missing transverse momentum, investigated in previous searches using Run2 data. This contribution is about the discovery prospects of top squark in this channel with the ATLAS experiment in the High-Luminosity accelerator phase, when LHC is expected to reach a center-of-mass energy of 14 TeV and to collect an integrated luminosity up to $3000 {fb^{-1}}$.