Wide-field broadband CARS microscopy for biological applications.

Ceconello C., Vernuccio F., De la Cadena A., Bresci A., Manetti F., Das S., Vanna R., Cerullo G., Polli D.
  Giovedì 15/09   09:00 - 13:00   Aula L - Christa Mc Auliffe   VI - Fisica applicata, acceleratori e beni culturali   Presentazione
Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering is an extremely powerful non-linear optical (NLO) microscopy technique for label-free vibrational imaging allowing for a detailed study of biological samples in their native state. To overcome the long acquisition times associated with raster sample scanning required in NLO microscopy, which impair real-time investigation of biological dynamics, we introduce here wide-field signal generation over a large field of view, covering tens of micrometers. To this aim, we employ an innovative approach based on the use of an amplified femtosecond ytterbium laser source delivering high-energy ({\approx $\mu J)$ pulses in the near infrared. This enables the generation of stable broadband Stokes pulses to measure the entire fingerprint region of the molecular vibrational spectrum, the richest in chemical information. Our results pave the way for future translational applications and clinical diagnostics with video-rate imaging capabilities.