Detection of minor phenolic compounds in extra-virgin olive oils using vibrational spectroscopies.

Romanelli G., Andreani C., Baglioni P., Licoccia S., Marques M.P.M., Moretti G., Parker S.F., Preziosi E., Senesi R.
  Giovedì 15/09   09:00 - 13:00   Aula L - Christa Mc Auliffe   VI - Fisica applicata, acceleratori e beni culturali   Presentazione
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is a fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. Its recognised antioxidant and health-beneficial properties are strictly related to the structure and dynamics of the phenolic components therein, and largely determined by intermolecular hydrogen-bonding interactions. We present an experimental characterization of a series of Italian EVOO samples using Inelastic Neutron Scattering and Raman spectroscopy. Comparisons with data from isolated components of EVOO are used to establish the optimal regions of the vibrational energy spectra where to study the structure-activity relationship related to the minor phenolic compounds. These regions are discussed together with experimental strategies for future investigations on minor components within complex materials. Authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche -- within CNR-STFC Grant Agreement [No. 2014-2020 (N 3420)] concerning collaboration in scientific research at the ISIS (UK) of STFC -- and of the JRU ISIS@MACH ITALIA, Research Infrastructure hub of ISIS (UK) -- MUR official registry U. 0008642.28-05-2020.