The training on Neutron Techniques School.

Magli R.
  Giovedì 15/09   14:30 -   Aula 501, Citta Studi   VII - Didattica e storia della fisica   Presentazione
SISN organizes a three-year program of Specialized Summer Schools called Training on Neutron Techniques (TNT), open to Graduate and PhD students and to Post-Docs working in scientific disciplines as Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Material Sciences, Physics, Sciences for Cultural Heritage Conservation, and similar. The physical bases of neutron sources and of neutron scattering techniques for the study of condensed matter are presented and discussed, with examples and applications in various scientific fields. Specific attention is paid to recent developments and to those in progress and expected for the current decade. The scientific potentialities of the experimental methods are discussed for instruments accessible both at reactor-based facilities and at spallation sources, also in view of the European ESS project (the future European Neutron Scattering facility). The 2022 edition focuses on Diffraction and Structural Imaging, while the topic of 2023 will be Inelastic Scattering and in 2024 Small Angle Scattering and Reflectometry will be dealt with.