Training on Neutron Techniques (TNT): Neutron Diffraction and Structural Imaging.

Magli R., Ceretti M., Formisano F., Grazzi F., Pietropaolo A.
  Giovedì 15/09   14:30 -   Aula 501, Citta Studi   VII - Didattica e storia della fisica   Presentazione
The first edition of the TNT Summer Schools, focused on Neutron Diffraction and Structural Imaging, took place from 11 to 19 June 2022 in S. Giovanni (BZ). The School has been attended by 25 students coming from Asian and European laboratories. The physical basis of the neutron sources (both reactors and spallation sources) and of the instrumentation needed for structural studies have been introduced and discussed. Then neutron diffraction with crystals, powder and disordered systems has been discussed with examples and tutorials ranging from single crystal applications to magnetic scattering, to materials science, to cultural heritage conservation, etc. The second part of the school has been devoted to Structural Imaging. After introductory lectures on the theory of neutron imaging and on the related instrumentation, several applicative seminars and tutorials have presented and discussed imaging techniques, as energy selective, phase contrast, polarized imaging, grating interferometry, neutron resonance imaging.