Measurement of tear volume using Strip Meniscometry: Two procedures compared.

Giusti S., Lorè F., Lupelli L.
  Giovedì 15/09   15:00 - 17:30   Aula I   VI - Fisica applicata, acceleratori e beni culturali   Presentazione
Introduction: Strip Meniscometry (SM) is an available tear test, designed to touch the strip into the lower marginal tear meniscus, which allows a rapid assessment of tear volume $in vivo$. Purpose: To compare the results obtained using the same examination procedure with and without the aid of the slit lamp (SL). Materials and methods: A stopwatch, a thermo-hygrometer, a series of strip-shaped tools composed of a fluid-absorbing material (Vita Tests - Italy) and a SL 990/3 (CSO - Italy) slit lamp, represent the instruments used to carry out the study. Over the course of a month (January 2022) thirty volunteers (23--67 years old) took part in the project. Each subject was subjected to a total of six SM measurements with five minutes interval, three acquired with the aid of SL, three without. Results: Through the construction of the Bland-Altman graph it was possible to note that almost all the experimental points are within the agreed/permitted limits and many of these are evenly distributed around the average. Furthermore, the confidence interval contains zero, a reason that leads us to believe that the two methods can be considered concordant and interchangeable.