Test of ITk 3D sensor pre-production modules with ITkPixv1.1 chip.

Ravera S., Lapertosa A., Gariano G., Gemme C., Vannoli L.
  Mercoledì 14/09   13:30 - 18:30   Aula B - Maria Goeppert-Mayer   I - Fisica nucleare e subnucleare   Presentazione
To cope with the increased luminosity of LHC, the ATLAS detector will be updated. ITk detector will be the new ATLAS tracking system, it will be equipped with 3D pixel sensor modules in its innermost layer (L0). The pixel sensor cell dimensions will be either $25\times 100 \mu m^{2}$ (barrel) or $50\times 50 \mu m^{2}$ (endcap). Sensor from pre-production wafers ($50 \times 50 \mu m^{2}$) produced by FBK have been bump bonded to the ITkPixV1.1 chip at IZM. These are the first preproduction modules ever tested in the Pixel project, they have been assembled in Genoa on Single Chip Cards and characterized in laboratory and at test beam, before and after irradiation ($1.6 \frac{n_{eq}} cm^{2}$).