Quantifying multi-institution KB plan prediction models transferability in breast cancer radiotherapy: A step forward toward benchmark.

Tudda A., Castriconi R., Benecchi G., Cagni E., Cicchetti A., Dusi F., Esposito P. G., Guernieri M., Ianiro A., Landoni V., Mazzilli A., Moretti E., Oliviero C., Placidi L., Rambaldi Guidasci G., Rancati T., Scaggion A., Trojani V., Fiorino C.
  Mercoledì 14/09   13:30 - 18:30   Aula E - Rosalind Franklin   V - Biofisica e fisica medica   Presentazione
KB plan prediction models were used to quantify inter-institute plan transferability for right breast RT (R-WBI) delivered with tangential fields. Models were set by 10 Institutes of the MIKAPOCo group by using RapidPlan (Varian Inc.), following same criteria of contouring, model training and validation. DVH prediction bands of OARs (heart, ipsilateral lung, contralateral lung and contralateral breast) were exported on 20 additional patients from the same Institutes (two patients each). The overall inter-institute variability of DVH and $D_{mean}$ ipsilateral lung dose prediction, was around $2%$ and $0.59 {Gy}$, respectively (1SD). The transferability of models among lnstitutions was evaluated by the overlap of the geometric Principal Component of each model when applied to the test patients of the other 9 institutes. Results showed high transferability for 9/10 models; in one institute poor transferability was found ($40%$ of failures), likely due to a different local contouring attitude. Results are encouraging showing clear potentials for efficient incorporation of inter-institute variability on KB model and/or benchmarking for large-scale automatic KB plan optimization.