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Non-destructive techniques for cultural heritage characterization based on muonic atom spectroscopy.

Carpinelli M., Clemenza M.
  Venerdì 16/09   09:00 - 13:30   Aula L - Christa Mc Auliffe   VI - Fisica applicata, acceleratori e beni culturali   Presentazione
Patterns associated to the place of origin of archaeological finds raw materials, as well as manufacturing processes and ancient trading routes, are possible by means of elemental analysis. At RIKEN-RAL several experiments have been made to optimize Muonic Atom X-rays spectroscopy as an innovative non-invasive and non-destructive technique for elemental analysis of ancient metal artefacts. Artefacts have been exposed to the double pulsed muon beam at PORT4 of RIKEN-RAL facility, using germanium crystals to detect Muonic Atom X-rays and a muon beam monitor made by Scintillating fibers read by SiPM.