Design and implementation of an open hardware and open source device for the detection of geo-localized environmental data.

Grosso D., Frittoli L., Thian M.
  Martedì 13/09   10:00 - 13:00   Aula U - Giuliana Cini Castagnoli   IV - Geofisica e fisica dell'ambiente   Presentazione
Environmental monitoring allows the collection of useful information for the preservation of the natural and landscape heritage, the assessment of the anthropic impact and the modeling of variations due to climate change. The coastal areas are of particular interest for the population density and the many activities carried out and development potential. We present a compact station for the measure of environmental parameters that can also be used in a recoverable drifter, dedicated to the detection of environmental parameters along the coast; GPS data, for example, could be used for modeling currents. The station, powered by a rechargeable battery, can also be used on shore and possibly recharged by a solar panel or a small wind generator. It has a GPS unit, accelerometer, gyroscope and sensors for sampling p, T and other parameters of interest which can be saved and/or transmitted at regular intervals.